Our Products:

We specialize in manufacturing  aerodynamic and monolithic reinforced fiber concrete structures capable of withstanding the worst of natural and man made disasters. These units are designed to protect human lives and valuables under any circumstance. The residential units are easy to install and this is something we do frequently. Everything from cable tv, water, electricity and phone is connected inside the units as well as a/c. Residential units are mainly for Hurricanes, tornadoes and imitation watches to store valuables such as paintings, jewelry, documents, gun collections or just things that people consider of great value to them. These large vaults can store a vehicle, motorcycle or even large animals such as horses. Horses are one of the hardest animals Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags to protect and some of them are of incredible value to their owners: race horses, Paso Fino, Stallions, Polo and many more. Stables are just to unsafe to leave a horse in. These Horse bunkers can store up to 3 horses in case of a hurricane and the owners do nat have to worry about transporting them out of state several times a year.