NEWS (Hurricane Information)

Don't be fooled by the rather uneventful 2006 hurricane season. For 2007, weather experts have predicted as many as 17 named tropical storms that will include nine hurricanes, five of which will be intense hurricanes with winds in excess of 110 miles per hour. Florida, with a coastline of 1350 miles, is more susceptible to hurricanes than any other state. As many South Floridians have learned, it is important to have an emergency plan and to review it each year.

Prepare now, unless you enjoy long lines and traffic jams. Pick up the Camera, gather the important documents. Lubricate the shutters. Not tomorrow, today. All of it and more. The Hurricane season which already begun, usually starts slowly, but there is no reason for you to do the same. Emergency managers, forecasters and other experts strongly advise to do what you can now, before trouble appears on the satellite images, then just over the horizon, then at your home. Seriously consider what you are going to do if your area is subjected to a threat by a hurricane or tropical storm. Experts are a little worried that last year's relatively quiet season could breed complacency. They remind South Floridians that the region remains in the middle of a decades-long period of unusually active seasons. Taking a few steps now and achieving some degree of readiness, will alleviate much of that stress during the sixth-month period. You simply can not rely on the government to do that for you or to rush to your aid in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster, experts say. The population is to large the region too sweeping.